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Holy Juice Lab was founded in 2016 with one single goal: creating innovative research for a better vaping experience.
We first started by creating our Awards winning brands of eliquid “24K Juice” and “Castle Juice”. We have got our first massive Awards from the well-known Vapouround Magazine during the UK Vaper Expo Birmingham in 2018.
We then realized that a great vaping experience is a three-legged stool: Part quality e-liquid, part technique and part wicking material.”
We were not fully satisfied with the wicking material available on the market.
In 2018, after months of Research and Development, we released the Holy Fiber: a premium wicking material made from 100% Cellulose fiber.
This innovation has literally revolutionized the vaping industry. Our high quality cellulose fiber offers the user a perfect flavor and high durability even in extreme conditions.
Holy Fiber is now our flagship brand and our proactive team is already working on something new in order to constantly improve the vaping experience of millions of vapers.


We truly believe that innovation is the key to our success. We also attach a great deal of importance to the selection of our raw materials.
The quality of our production process guarantees a high level of safety and consistency of our products.



Above all, we are a team of vape enthusiasts and dedicated most of our time to this passion.
We love to visit vape stores all around the world having sharing time and open discussions to better understand the tastes and expectations of the vaping community.
This is where most of our inspiration comes from. Your opinion is precious to us!


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