With the issue of some of the South East Asia countries in banning e-cigarette also known as ‘vape’, some people are wondering if this is legal to vape or buy any vaping product in Indonesia. Is it risky to vape in the street? Is there any legal vape shop?
We often see people vaping in the street or in some any other public area. Based on the database from Asosiasi Personal Vaporizer Indonesia (APVI), which is the legal association which represents the interest of the vaping industry, at least 1 million people are considered as vapers in Indonesia. People can vape freely without any risk of fine.
A lot of vape shop can easily be found throughout Indonesia. Although the Indonesian government is preparing a regulation for electronic cigarette, vaping remains not illegal.
Due to the fast growing development of vape shop in the country, Indonesian government is about to implement a tax on e-liquid. The representative of the vaping industry sees this opportunity as a way to regulate the industry and facilitate import of hardware and e-liquids.
Ministry of Trade is hoping that it will be effective from July 1st, 2018. The main goal is to have a clear mechanism on electronic cigarette trading in Indonesia, by applying tax just like conventional cigarettes.
According to Wira the marketing manager of Cstyle Indonesia, a chain of 3 well known vape shop located in Bali, “almost 65% of Indonesian men are smokers and vaping could saves millions of lives if we get the support from Indonesian government. Our goal is to provide every single person a real quit smoking experience”
As a tourist, you can carry a device and enter Indonesia without any trouble. However, if you can afford due to the very attractive prices on vaping products it could be the opportunity for you to get a new device and a bunch of e-liquids at very attractive prices.
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